Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The thoughts roll through my head like deep ruts in a dirt road. They have been there for some time.  Thoughts such as, which way to go, which deal to make, which choice to make and if I should stay or move forward? All these thoughts have been here before. I think it is the time I do something to change the way I have driven in the ruts.

What am I doing?  The question that comes up quite frequently, as I am mouthing it to myself.   Do you ever feel like your looking at a mountain of your life with many different paths and you have so many options but want to make the right one work? I have finally decided to just start somewhere, anywhere, and that is going to start the change in the path.

 This is the first move that I am making, WRITING, BLOGGING, and it is going to be amazing! Let's change the way our thoughts have taken us and do something different!

"They have been created over the years as thousands of cars drive over them.  It rains and they get muddy and the ruts get even deeper. Thoughts, beliefs, and habits are no different. You have to choose a different track to drive on and create new paths for your thoughts to travel".  ~Concious Creator

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