Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Get Physical and Emotional Benefits By Paying it Forward

When you compare today with the past, it isn’t difficult to realize that our busy lifestyle has made big differences both on individual and social level. It’s difficult to find care and loyalty in people while selfish and self-centered people are in abundance. No doubt, we are part of an age where life has become a race and everyone is trying to move forward and leave others behind. Helping others seems difficult and nobody gets ready for it without having any concern. But, you need to change your perception if you think helping others is beneficial only to others not for you. Science and psychology prove amazing physical and emotional benefits of helping others.

1.     No High Blood Pressure Problems
Just cutting red meat from your diet and relentlessly spending on medicines is not going to work. Help others and get peace of mind. Do some volunteer work, give charity, and give fair favors to others without demanding anything in return. The feel of good deed leaves a positive impact on your mind and decreases the risks of hypertension that results in good mood, relaxed mind, and normal blood pressure. Chronic pain, stress, and heart problems are some other diseases you can cure while paying it forward.

2.     Sense of Purpose and Satisfaction
We all have individual, social, and cultural responsibilities. You get inner satisfaction when you accomplish them. The sense of satisfaction encourages you to become a better person and realize your purpose of life. Sociologists confirm the fact that teens involved in social activities perform better in academics and prove a responsible citizen.

3.     Social Benefits
Helping others increases your social circle and makes loyal and real people a part of your life. People start following your good deeds as it’s a human nature they do what they observe. One good deed of a person inspires hundreds and it really makes a good difference in the behaviors of others. Moreover, the inner satisfaction you get from your good deeds builds your confidence and makes your life worthier.  Live a longer and healthier life by helping others. Take an initiative to bring a positive change in society and become a person who doesn’t get jealous from the success of others but pave effective ways for them. Helping others removes grudge feeling for other and replace them with constructive ones. So, start paying it forward today and to get a happy and prosperous life full of mental and physical satisfaction. 


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Live Long and Healthy Simply by Being in Love
Valentine’s Day is approaching. How would you react if I tell you that you can be relatively healthier than you are and also live longer just by being in love? Like others, you might scoff at this suggestion as most people believe that health is primarily dependent upon diet and exercises. Well, these factors do play an important role but being in love has also been found by scientists as an important factor deciding the health of an individual. This means you can now welcome love not just for your emotional needs but also to become healthier than you are.

Love improves your immunity to keep diseases at bay

Till now, most people believed that love was necessary for fulfilment of emotional needs and also to have a companion by your side wherever you went whether it was theatre, friend’s place, or a restaurant. But scientists now say that being in love also plays a positive role in faster recovery from diseases. In fact, they say that people who love and are loved also live longer than people who feel neglected and rejected. Scientists actually found that wives receiving daily hugs from their husbands produced more amounts of hormone oxytocin than women who were not hugged by their husbands. Similarly, nursing moms produced higher quantities of this hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin is a substance that improves health, fights and keeps cancer away, and also lowers blood pressure.

Physical benefits of love go unnoticed

Being loved increases the confidence and self esteem of an individual. It is indeed a very reassuring thought that you have someone standing by your side in all situations of life. It is only now that scientists have concluded that being in love also helps in boosting the immunity of the individual. You hardly notice it that you stay away from minor infections and diseases when you are in love. You feel healthy and energetic without looking for any reasons. But this better health is because of the factor of love in your life that boosts your immunity levels.

Being in love is something that also pushes spouses to do more exercises when they go to a gym as a couple. This also leads to the better health of both the partners. This means that you now have a new and exciting reason to be in love. Love is good not just for your emotional health but also your physical health.

Dr Ashleigh Street, NUCCA Chiropractor, provides a new educational experience towards wellness care in Orem, Utah. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The thoughts roll through my head like deep ruts in a dirt road. They have been there for some time.  Thoughts such as, which way to go, which deal to make, which choice to make and if I should stay or move forward? All these thoughts have been here before. I think it is the time I do something to change the way I have driven in the ruts.

What am I doing?  The question that comes up quite frequently, as I am mouthing it to myself.   Do you ever feel like your looking at a mountain of your life with many different paths and you have so many options but want to make the right one work? I have finally decided to just start somewhere, anywhere, and that is going to start the change in the path.

 This is the first move that I am making, WRITING, BLOGGING, and it is going to be amazing! Let's change the way our thoughts have taken us and do something different!

"They have been created over the years as thousands of cars drive over them.  It rains and they get muddy and the ruts get even deeper. Thoughts, beliefs, and habits are no different. You have to choose a different track to drive on and create new paths for your thoughts to travel".  ~Concious Creator